Prolax Kids (Pediatric Syrup for Constipation)


COMPOSITION: Liquid extract of plantain seed, yarrow herb, anise seed, flax seed, buckthorn bark, plum fruit and apricot fruit, sugar syrup, natrium benzoate.

PHARMACOLOGICAL EFFECTS: Prolax Kids syrup is a mild, effective, natural laxative agent that prevents intestinal food retention without causing spasms and cramps and ensures natural evacuation of bowels.

As plantain and flax seeds are rich in mucous substances, the syrup softens intestinal tract, eliminates constipation, has an effect on the intestinal mucous membrane, prevents the absorption of toxic substances into the bloodstream. As buckthorn bark is rich in anthraglycosides, the syrup delays the absorption of water from the intestines, stimulates peristalsis by irritating the receptors in the intestinal wall and facilitates the release of intestines. Bitter alkaloid Achillin, contained in the yarrow herb, increases the secretion of digestive glands, improves digestion, and restores the normal function of the intestines. Anise seeds help to eliminate spasms and cramps in the intestines thanks to essential oils. Plum and apricot fruits accelerate the evacuation of the intestines.


  • Constipation, including colitis accompanied by constipation

  • Dysbacteriosis, when accompanied by constipation

  • Nutrition-related constipation

  • Constipation associated with worm ingestion

  • Other diseases accompanied by constipation


  • Individual sensitivity to any ingredient of the syrup.

INSTRUCTION FOR USE: Syrup is taken according to the dosage indicated in the table 30 minutes before meals. Prolonged use is harmless and can be used until the bowel function is restored.

Issue form 100 ml the vial 
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More Information

Structure: Liquid extracts of plantain seeds, yarrow seeds, fennel seeds, flax seeds, buckthorn bark, plum and apricot fruits, sugar syrup, sodium benzoate.


18 months. Store in a cool place and inac­cessible to children. After cover opening it is applicable to use in a current of 20 days. Not to use syrup after the validity expiry of the term.

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