TEAZOL TEA (Antihelmintic tea)

Composition: Tarragon flower, warty birch bud, valerian root, elecampane root, buckthorn purging fruit, artemisia herb, St. Johns wort herbs, mistel herb, hop cones.

Instruction: It is applied for ascariasis, enterobiasis, taeniasis, lambliasis.

Way of application: 200 ml (1 glass) boiling water is poured over 2 filter-bundles, brewed for 15 minutes, cooled at room temperature. It is taken warm 3 times a day, 100 ml (1/2 glass), 30 minutes before each meal. course of treatment is 10 days for enterobiasis, a month for ascariasis, 2 months for taeniasis, 3-4 months for lambliasis.

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