Ingredients: Mono-unsaturated fatty acids – 70% omega 9, 10% omega 6, 1% omega 3, palmitic acid, polyphenols, squalenes, sterols, tocopherols, E and K vitamins, a fractional amount of Fe, Ni and Cr.

Advantages of refined olive oil (Virgin olive oil): In the refining process, olive oil loses 90-95% of unsaturated fatty acids, vitamins and other ingredients contained in the ingredients. Although refined olive oil has a longer lifespan, it has very little benefit to the body. Unlike refined oil, unrefined olive oil is completely absorbed by the body.

Pharmacological effect: Olive oil decreases the blood cholesterol level, reduces the risk of cardiovascular diseases, diabetes, and obesity, strengthens the immune system, and has the anti-cancer effect.

Due to the bile-excreting effect, it removes stagnation in the intrarenal biliary tracts and gallbladder, normalizes digestion of nutrients, and prevents constipation.

It accelerates fat and carbohydrate metabolisms, and helps to normalize body weight.

It provides proper formation of the nervous system during intrauterine growth of embryo. It reduces the risk of nervous system diseases in children and adults.

Due to vitamin E the antioxidant effect prevents early aging of cells, strengthens hair and nails. It is easily absorbed by skin, moisturizes the skin pores without clogging it. It prevents skin chaps and cellulite formation. Helps shield the skin from the sun rays UB spectrum. Unlike other oils, it does not cause the allergic reactions.


Chronic inflammatory diseases of kidney and gallbladder, stagnation of gastrointestinal tract

Metabolic disorders: diabetes mellitus, obesity

Gastrointestinal diseases accompanied by constipation

Prophylaxis of atherosclerosis, myocardial infarction and apoplectic attack

Prophylaxis of nervous system diseases

Treatment and prophylaxis of skin diseases

Olive oil can be used for the preparation of various masks for cosmetic purposes, enriching the composition of creams.

It is the best vegetable oil for the preparation of salads and cold snacks without heating.

Contraindications: gallstone disease, acute cholecystitis.

How to use:

Intake: 1 tablespoon of 1-2 times a day is orally administered 30 minutes before meals.

External application: To be applied on skin to massage 1-2 times a day.

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