Ingredients: Essential oils (geraniol, octanol), phenolic alcohols, flavonoids (kaempferol, hyperoside, quercetin), iron, phosphorus, magnesium, manganese, vitamin C, nicotine acid.

Pharmacological effect: It regulates awakening and stroke processes in nerve cells, is used to treat neuroses, vegetovascular dystonia, physical and mental fatigue. It has stimulatory action on the body, increases stress resistance, restores muscular strength, strengthens immunity.

It increases arterial pressure and prevents hypotony due to the increased vessel tone and elasticity. It activates the thyroid function and metabolic processes of the gallbladder, and increases the sexual ability.

Contraindications: Hypertony, hyperthyrosis, fever, insomnia, emotional stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding.

How to use: 300 ml (1.5 cup) boiling water is poured to one tablespoon raw material, brewed for 4 hours, cooled for 45 minutes atwwww room temperature. To be administered 3 times a day 30 minutes before meal 100 ml (1/2 glass) each time. After 5 days of administration to give a break for a week and repeat the treatment when needed.

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