Ingredients: henna leaves, indigo (basma) leaves, hops nuts, black cumin.

Henna leaves: hennotanic acid, natural colorants (alchinine, lavzon), mucous pectin, etheric substances.

Indigo leaves (basma): vaccines, natural colorants.

Hops nuts: essential oils (geraniol, linalool, mirsenol), resin, vitamin B and vitamin C, vaccine.

Black cumin: 21% protein, 35% fat, 6% vaccine.

Medicinal herbs and their joint combination contained in the Phytoton No. 3 henna for chestnut-colored hairs deep the color tone of hairs and strengthen their follicles, thicken hair cell, extend hair lifespan, nourish and disinfect scalp and cause bacteria and fungus destruction. It reduces sensation of scalp & eliminates dandruff.

How to use: 25-50 grams (depending on length of hair) Phytoton No. 3 henna is mixed with boiling water until the a homogenous mass is gotten, brewed for 10 minutes, applied to hair and washed after 60-90 minutes.

Phytoton No. 3 herbal hair for the hair and combinations of hair in combination with their hair combines hair tone, thickens their hair, extends hair lifetime, nourishes and disinfects scalp, causes bacteria and fungi. Reduces sensation of scalp & eliminates dandruff.

How to use: 25-50 grams (depending on length of hairs) Phytoton No. 3 for black hair, mix with henna boiling water until it is massaged, dried for 10 minutes, dipped in hair and washed after 60-90 minutes.

Form of presentation: 50 g of Henna in 3 boxes which are tightly bound (1 month norm).

Storage: Keep out of the reach for children. Protect from moisture and direct sunlight.

It’s not a drug.

Storage period: 18 months.

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